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Group of women artisans living in the post-raft region who, through ceramics, seek to preserve and promote local potential. The partnership with the Colony of Fishermen Z17 also integrated the fisherwomen into the project (due to the closed season - where fishing is prohibited) for the purpose of supplementing income. The ceramic pieces are utilitarian and represent the flora of the Atlantic Forest.

Facebook :: ceramicasBalsear

Instagram : @balsear
Email :

Stores : or

Address: Rua Ernesto Zabeu, 200, Tatetos

Contacts: (11) 99504-6383 / (11) 97332-5410 / (11) 99598-9239

COSBRIN - Sustainable Sewing

Products made by a group of organized and enterprising seamstresses from around Volkswagen do Brasil factory in São Bernardo do Campo, produced with leftover fabrics used for cars upholstery, as well as employees uniforms which are no longer worn.

It is a diversified set of products that include toilet bags, cases, bags, garbage bags for cars, coin purses, tablet  and laptop cases, bags and backpacks, all practically exclusive, as they are handmade and have personalized details. Products for pets were recently lauched.


Facebook :: cosbrin.sustentavel

Instagram : @cosbrinsustentavel

Email :

Stores: Incubator CEITEC - Cosbrin

Address: Av. Getúlio Vargas, 1473 - Baeta Neves

Contacts : (11) 95441-0317 / (11) 98445-1179 / (11) 95441-0317

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