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Approximately 50% of the territory of São Bernardo do Campo is in a protected area for water sources, where the Billings Dam and the Riacho Grande Region are located. The region has been receiving investments that aim to explore the great tourism potential it has in leisure, ecotourism, water sports and adventure activities. Urban parks are good options for leisure in the city.

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Located next to the Multisport Gymnasium and in one of the gastronomic regions of the city, the park covers an area of ​​25 thousand m² and has jogging tracks of 400 and 650 meters, in addition to areas for physical activities and a playground.

Open every day, from 6 am to 10 pm.

Avenida Kennedy, 1.111 - São Diogo Park - Tel .: (11) 4332-4510



With an area of ​​373 thousand m², 90% of which is preserved, it is the ideal place to enjoy nature, which joins the waters of the Billings Dam with the green of the Atlantic Forest. It also has a cable car, pedal boats, stand up paddle and houses an urban zoo (specialized in the fauna of the Atlantic Forest).

Open from Wednesday to Sunday and public holidays, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Rua Portugal, 1,100 Estoril - Riacho Grande - Tel .: (11) 4354-9087


Built in 1952, it is considered the largest water mirror in South America. Surrounded by dense vegetation, the waters of the dam are a great option for tourism, leisure and water sports. “Prainha” do Riacho Grande is a must-see.


With more than 15 thousand m², open every day from 6 am to 10 pm, the urban park has a 400-meter walking track, lake with fountain and artificial waterfall, arena theater with bleachers for 420 people, a playground and an area for physical activities. One of its great attractions is the freshwater aquarium, the largest fish exhibition in the country, 24 meters long and 2.10 meters high.

Avenida Caminho do Mar, 2,980 - Rudge Ramos - Tel .: (11) 4368-1246




The Urban Zoo of São Bernardo do Campo, which is located inside Estoril Park, has around 250 animals from different species of Brazilian fauna, several of which are endangered, such as some types of wolves, dogs, monkeys and macaws. The zoom also has a tapir, parakeets and a peccary. Free entrance.

Rua Portugal, 1100 - Estoril - Riacho Grande - Tel .: (11) 4354-9087

Open from Wednesday to Sunday and public holidays, from 9 am to 5 pm.


With a forest area of ​​484 thousand m² , it was created to promote the preservation of the environment through the contemplation of the Atlantic Forest and the study of its ecosystem. Visitors have the opportunity to understand, through activities of environmental education, the relationship between man and nature. The park is completely adapted to receive disabled visitors. Privately owned, the site is managed by the Kunito Miyasaka Foundation.

Imigrantes Highway (SP-160) - Km 34,5 - Bairro Curucutu

Phone: (11) 4348-0786


Located on the border between São Bernardo do Campo and Cubatão, "Caminhos do Mar" is formed by a part of the “Serra do Mar State Park” that includes the “Estrada Velha de Santos” and all its historical monuments, especially “Calçada do Lorena” and the “Pouso Paranapiacaba”, built in 1922, due to the Independence of Brazil Centenary celebrations.

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